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Sign Up for PAI or PEI While the vast majority of your customers will have their own health insurance, there are approximately 40.6 million Americans under age 65 who are uninsured (according to the National Center for Health Statistics). If your renter is covered, his or her health insurance usually pays for their ambulance and emergency room fees, but how can your auto rental business help protect the uninsured renter? With Renter’s Choice PAI / PEI.



Renter’s Choice PAI / PEI (Personal Accident / Personal Effects Insurance)

When renting to a customer who lacks health insurance, they have the opportunity to select protection through Renter’s Choice PAI / PEI, which consists of valuable coverage and benefits such as:

  • Accidental Death: Provides 24-hour accident protection to the primary renter and their immediate family traveling with them for death during the entire period of the rental agreement, including cases of disappearance and death due to exposure.
  • Accidental Medical Expense: Provides $1,000.00 to the primary renter and their immediate family traveling with them for accidental medical expenses, as well as $1,000.00 for emergency medical expenses and ambulance fees.
  • Personal Effects Insurance: Provides limited coverage for personal belongings from loss or damage caused by theft, damage or accident to the rental car. Coverage is for the belongings of the primary renter and their immediate family traveling with them.
  • Travel Assistance Package: Emergency roadside assistance is available to renters for cases of lock-outs, out of gas, dead batteries and towing.

DISCLAIMER: See the actual Renter’s Choice policy for more details on each benefit, as well as exclusions to the policy coverage.



Renter’s Choice PAI / PEI is the SMART CHOICE
for customers without health insurance

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