Most car rental businesses offer a SUPPLEMENTAL Liability Product through their carrier. But most carriers today require that the rental car company have a minimum of 50 cars and sell a minimum amount of product every month. That product is not available to a company with less than 50 cars.

At Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions we work hard to fill in the gaps. Our Renter’s Additional Liability Product is available to you no matter how many vehicles you have in your fleet.

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Renter’s Additional Liability is $300,000.00 supplemental liability insurance that protects your renter and any authorized driver, as defined in the Rental or Sharing Agreement, against third party automobile claims for bodily injury and property damage caused during permitted use of the Rental or Shared vehicle. Over and above aby underlying insurance. The best part is it puts an extra layer of coverage between the rental car company and an injured third party.

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions is committed to helping you sell those all-important, extra rental days. To that end, our team of industry experts provides a range of products — including renter’s identification verification, personal protection insurance, renter’s theft protection, and roadside assistance — along with workshops and services for clients across the country. Contact us at (800) 396-9128 to get started. We look forward to providing you with car rental insurance services and more.