Most car rental businesses offer renter’s collision insurance as a matter of course, but savvy operators also extend similar protection to customers who don’t have health insurance. The experts at Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions know accidents happen, so we have included personal accident coverage (also known as PAI insurance) in our lineup of must-have products for industry professionals. Contact us today at (800) 396-9128 to discuss how we can help you sell more rental days.

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Renter’s Choice PAI and PEI Insurance

Despite efforts to make sure all Americans have health care coverage, the National Center for Health Statistics estimates more than 40 million people under age 65 remain uninsured. Your auto rental business can help protect customers by offering Renter’s Choice personal accident insurance and personal effects insurance (PEI).

With Renter’s Choice PEI and PAI insurance, renters who don’t have other health coverage can get protection during the term of their rental agreements. Among the benefits:

  • Accidental Death: Provides $100,000 of 24-hour coverage to the primary renters and members of their immediate family traveling with them. Covers death during the rental period, including death and disappearance due to exposure.
  • Accidental Medical Expense: Provides $1,000 to primary renters and immediate family for accident-related medical expenses, as well as $1,000 for emergency medical expenses and ambulance fees.
  • Personal Effects Insurance: Provides limited coverage for personal belongings from loss or damage caused by theft, damage, or accident to the rental car. Covers the belongings of primary renters and immediate family traveling with them.
  • Travel Assistance Package: Emergency roadside assistance for renters who experience lockouts, run out of gas, have dead batteries, or need a tow.

DISCLAIMER: See the actual Renter’s Choice policy for more details on each benefit, as well as exclusions to the policy coverage.

Valuable Protection for Rental Car Companies

After an accident, PAI insurance will help satisfy claims from injured renters — which can result in lower loss ratios and better loss runs for your rental car business. PEI insurance, meanwhile, takes the burden off the rental agency when customers’ items are lost or stolen during a rental period. Renter’s Choice PAI and PEI insurance is the smart choice for smart rental agency operators.

In addition, Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions provides an array of other auto rental products — including renter’s collision insurance, renter’s theft protection, ID verification, and roadside assistance — along with workshops and services.

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