Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions offers a variety of products to protect rental car businesses and their customers. Our emergency roadside assistance program from Road America provides peace of mind that no matter the problem with your rental vehicle — from a flat tire to a mechanical breakdown — help is on the way. Contact our team of industry experts at (800) 396-9128 today to get started or purchase below.

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Experienced and startup auto rental operators alike understand the value of renter’s collision insurance, renter’s theft protection, ID verification, and personal protection in the event of accidents. We know it’s just as important to have a plan for responding to the inevitable issues that arise once rental cars hit the road.

Affordable Emergency Protection

Engine malfunctions and other car woes happen — but rarely at a convenient time or location for you or your clients. With our roadside assistance service, you can sleep easy knowing professionals are on the job 24/7. Depending on the situation, Road America Roadside Assistance will send either a tow company or an auto mechanic to get your rental cars rolling again.

The cost of a year of roadside assistance for one rental car: less than 25 cents a day. Our Road America program, provided through the MAPFRE Insurance group, provides a range of services from jump-starts to emergency gasoline delivery — for just $86 per car per year. Serving more than 120 million beneficiaries worldwide, Road America Roadside Assistance has the experience and expertise to handle whatever happens.

Our goal at Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions is to help you sell more rental days, so we have assembled a full array of educational workshops, business services, and essential products for rental car operators — including emergency roadside assistance. See what others have to say about our team of industry professionals, and then contact us at (800) 396-9128 to join our list of satisfied customers. We’ve got you covered.