Very satisfied!

Name: Brenda W.
Date: 10/06/2011
Location: Albany, GA

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions does a fine job. He’s thorough with everything he does. He’s helped us with our rental collision insurance and refreshed our memories with some training over the phone. I’m very satisfied with the work he’s done for me!…

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Excellent service!

Name: Al E.
Date: 09/12/2011
Location: Philadelphia, PA

It is always a pleasure to deal with Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions. He is a genuinely nice person. I know that I can use his service anytime. I’m one who likes to use the same company for as long as they continue to treat me right! He is a smart man and has all of the answers. A++ from me!…

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They take care of your needs. I’d recommend to anyone!!

Name: Mike S. (Express Rent a Car)
Date: 09/02/2011
Location: Carthage, SC

I’ve been using Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions for several years… We’ve used them multiple times. They took care of a problem I had the other day concerning an accident with an automobile. They took care of it for me, and the paperwork was handled correctly. It was a bad situation made easy on their behalf! Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions takes care of your needs. They address the situation… They keep my business online and enable me to be a profitable business. They’re very attentive and I would recommend them to anyone!…

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Lot of fun to deal with, and knows his stuff!

Name: Dave Ward (Express Rent a Car)
Date: 08/26/2011
Location: Grand Junction, CO

I’ve been doing business with Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions for years. Jim’s a lot of fun to deal with! He knows his stuff… He has products I use and soon I’m going to have him do some consulting to get my business up to the next level. You need to talk to this man…

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“This was the most informative Schalberg Auto Rental Training seminar I’ve attended yet! It really gave me a better understanding of cash flow and depreciation; something I believe many operators struggle with today.”

– Shane Tyson

“Hey Jim! I’m so excited since Saturday! I learned so much I can’t wait to put it all to work! Every rental car owner should attend your seminars.”

– K P Jones

“ and the services they provide have been a lifesaver for my business. I, in short, would have to say that I would be out of business were it not for the assistance, guidance, and advocacy provided by Jim Schalberg, I would not have made beyond the one year mark for my business. Jim has returned every phone call and has personally advocated on my behalf for the insurance I would need to continue to stay in business. There is not a matter or concern that I have encountered that I could not take to the staff of and although I have been in this industry for 20+ years, their perspective on my problems I bring to them aid me in ways that I was not able to discern for myself. Any independent and/or small automobile rental operation could simply not find a better resource than Jim Schalberg.”

– Barry Wiley (Premium Car Rental)

“Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions is my life line to what is going on in car rental business. Even though I am a small fleet,only 3 cars, and don’t have the opportunity to sell his car rental products to everyone, Jim and his staff have never just forgot about me. They treat you like you just sold 100 CDW’s yesterday. They keep you informed of industry changes and news and offer training and certification classes that will keep you up to speed with the new products coming online. Remember, every sale counts, even the small ones.”

-Terry Morrison (Mr.T’s Xpress Inc.)

“Anytime we have had any questions, we were able to get answers right away. Everything is very straight forward and easy to use.”

-Jamie Hicks (Georgia Self Storage)