No matter how professionally a rental car business operates, lawsuits happen. When your company is involved in litigation — with customers or insurance companies, franchisees or franchisors — Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions’ founder is available to provide the expert witness services you need to make your case in court. Contact Jim at (800) 396-9128 to discuss how his decades of experience can help.

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Trusted Experience and Knowledge

Jim Schalberg got his auto industry start in 1970, working in dealership sales and management, where he discovered the bottom-line benefits of integrating a well-run car rental business. After launching and growing his own rental franchise from a single stand-alone outlet to multiple locations, he served as president of a franchisee advisory board and national sales manager for a franchisor.

Success there led to full-time business consulting, allowing Jim to help rental car startups and existing operators improve their results. He collaborated with the Automotive Dealership Institute, an accredited training organization, and industry leaders to develop the Center for International Rental Automotive Standards (CIRAS) and its Rental Car Certification program.

Serving Rental Car Businesses Nationwide

The Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions consulting firm provides clients nationwide with the benefits of that rental car knowledge and expertise — offering a range of products, workshops, and services developed to spur their growth and profitability. From website development to rental software advice, our team of experts is just a phone call away.

Experience = Expert Witness

Few business owners want to resort to legal action to resolve disputes, but when there is no other option it makes sense to have decades of expertise on your side. Whether you need expert witness services for your auto rental lawsuit or behind-the-scenes litigation consulting, contact Jim Schalberg at (800) 396-9128 to enlist his assistance. As his track record shows, Jim knows what he’s talking about.