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“Anyone can rent cars….just get a rental agreement and insurance and start renting cars.” Those that want to make real money in this business take the proper steps and get the training you need to succeed. Our Home Study Program will give you the basics you need to start a small rental car company. Perfect for adding a few cars to your existing business.

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What’s Included:

The Home Study Course from Jim Schalberg includes a standard operating and procedures manual, all industry standard forms needed for day to day operations, an industry accepted Chart of Accounts, a graduation certificate for you and your insurance company, 90 days free telephone support, access to additional sale items, subscription to our weekly sales alert, and a subscription to our monthly newsletter.

What We Will Cover:
  • Basic Operating Procedures
  • Rates, Fleet Profitability
  • Industry research and market availability
  • Proper qualification procedures
  • Maximizing return on investment
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Proper fleet management
  • Sales and marketing basics
  • Accident handling musts
  • Managing your insurance portfolio

Rock Hill Workshop

Our consulting services are designed to guide you through the process of starting a rental car operation. With training workshops for new operators as well as auto dealers and service center managers, our experts share their insight on topics such as rate setting, renter’s insurance, and fleet maintenance. We can help you avoid the mistakes others have made and get started down the path to profitability.

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Come to South Carolina. Using the tools, we teach and the numbers from the attendees, we build pro-forma in each class that consistently shows over $150,000 pretax profit on 20 Cars using our methods.

Our two-day session provides you with the tools to start and operate a profitable rental car location with a minimum investment. Our instructors have trained rental car franchise operators and association members for over 40 years combined.

Get a Head Start in the Car Rental Business

We have designed the most comprehensive rental management training program available. Our team also provides a full range of products and services designed to prepare rental agency owners for success.

In two full days you will get better training and tools than you would get with an expensive franchise, only with no franchise fee or territory purchase. Why, because we have no agenda other than to make you profitable. Those expensive franchises spend most of their training on teaching you how to pay their franchise fees.

We understand your time is valuable, so we pack a traditionally 4-day workshop into 2 intense, fact packed days.

Not only do we go over standard operating procedures, we will build pro-forma using your numbers for rent/heat/lights etc. and let you determine your profit goals. Contact us today at (800) 396-9128 for more information about professional certification and our car rental business workshops.

Forming a Profitable Car Rental Startup

Whether you decide to purchase a rental car franchise or operate an independent agency, one of the secrets to success is avoiding the mistakes others have made. At Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions, we will make sure you have the insight and tools you need to get started down the path to profitability.

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We know that daily operations sometimes make it impossible for you to get away and come to class. If that is your issue, not to worry, we will come to you.

One of us will bring the complete Starting a Rental Business workshop to you. You do not need shut down your business while we are there. We have broken the program up into 3 half days on site. We will work on the rental side in the morning and that way you have the afternoon to keep your anchor business running smoothly.

We bring the manual/study guide for each of the attendees. A projector for the PowerPoint as well as our computer. All you need to do is set up a quiet place where you can get away from all the” Got a minute?” interruptions so we can go through the materiel uninterrupted.

As in all our training sessions you will be tested (Open Book) and issued a certificate of completion. Your Insurance company will be copied as well.

Rental Operator Workshops

Price: $1,286.00

“Starting a Rental Car Business Workshop”, is now a two day program that includes:
  • A Standard Operating and Procedures Manual
  • All the Forms and Charts You Need to Be Pofitable

Workshop Topics Include:

  • The rental car industry today: An in-depth look at the industry in the United states, as well as in your neighborhood
  • Rate Setting: Setting your rates and adjusting for profitability
  • Fleet Planning: Having the inventory your customers like …not you
  • Accident Handling: The proper way to handle an accident
  • Managing Your Risk: Risk management is part of the business and we show you the best ways to do it
  • Ciras Certification At the copletion of the course you will take a test and once you pass it you will be certified as a Rental Car Professional