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Once upon a car lot and a long time ago, Jim Schalberg started with only 5 cars and quickly built his business – and other people’s – into substantial companies. Word spread about Jim’s business wisdom in the auto rental industry. His phone constantly rang with independent car businesses contacting him and asking for help. Gradually, Jim realized that he was spending most of his time helping other operators grow their own businesses.

He realized that there was a deep need for this kind of service. Starting Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions in 2001, Jim became a full-time consultant to the rental car business, gathered other professionals to work for him, inspired his daughter Jillian to become an authority in the industry herself, and found outstanding experts to partner with him.

Today, Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions supports over 500 rental car locations in the U.S.

Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions Expert Consulting Services in the US

Meet Our Team

Jim Schalberg

Director, Sales and Training

Jim got his feet wet in the auto business in 1970 by selling cars. He made the transition into renta...

Jillian Schalberg

Sales and Training Associate

Jillian Schalberg has an extensive background in the automotive industry, specifically in the servic...

Barry Brady

Paralegal, Sales and Training

Barry Brady is a Paralegal for Auto Rental Solutions. He obtained his degree and certification from ...

Ruby Gray

Customer Service Administrator & Training Associate

Ruby, our Customer Service Admin, joined Auto Rental Solutions on July 23, 2013, after her previous ...

Why Choose Us?

Experienced experts

We give you the perks of being part of a franchise without the high cost of franchise fees.


We know our customers by name and love to help.


Our services are tailored to your neighborhood and your personality.


We’re there for you when you need us. When you call us, you’ll get us, not someone in a foreign call center.

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At Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions, our products run the gamut from renter’s collision insurance to renter’s theft protection. Contact us today at (800) 396-9128 for more information.

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