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Renters Collision Protection

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Don’t lose any more rental days because your customers don’t have car rental insurance. Our Renter’s Collision Protection is designed to help your business solve the “no collision coverage” issues that plague the industry. Owners will see an immediate increase in the number of rental days sold by simply having this rental car protection available.

Renters Identification Check

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Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to tell a real ID from a fabricated one, leaving car rental businesses vulnerable to inventory damage and lawsuits as a result of dangerous drivers. Our Renter’s Identification Check tool is easy to use, offering rental companies a quick way to verify a customer’s identity. This Internet-based service searches public records to determine relevant information about the renter and provides tools that you can use to avoid identity fraud.

Renters Personal Protection

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If your renters are among the millions of Americans without health insurance, you can help by offering Renter’s Choice Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI). The PAI and PEI policies cover accidental death, medical expenses, and other losses for the primary renter and immediate family during the rental period.

Renter's Theft Protection

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We’d like to believe people wouldn’t steal, but that’s just not the case. What would you do if a vehicle was stolen? Mitigate that risk with renter’s theft protection, which uses a live, real-time GPS tracking device in the vehicle, giving its location to better assist with recovery. Receive alerts, remotely shut off the starter, and more with this protection product.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

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No matter how much time and effort a company spends maintaining its rental fleet, mechanical problems will still occur from time to time. For your rental customers, this can be an inconvenience or a nightmare. Savvy rental agencies know that by offering 24-hour roadside assistance they can minimize frustrations and get customers back on the road as quickly as possible. As one of our many car rental products, we offer emergency roadside assistance through Encore Protection.

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