We know that owners and managers in the auto rental industry are busier than ever, making it difficult to properly train employees. Don’t allow this essential task to become a low priority while you attend to the day-to-day demands of your operation. Call Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions at (800) 396-9128 to learn more about how our car rental training can prepare your staff for success.

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Our team of professionals will equip your employees with the industry knowledge and insight they need to excel. Giving your staff the right tools and training will result in happier customers, a streamlined workplace, and higher revenue — thanks to more rentals from satisfied repeat customers.

Training Options: Web Seminars and Live Instruction

Off-site professional development often means sending staff to a faraway city and incurring hundreds or thousands of dollars in travel expenses. We offer more convenient, less costly workshop options that achieve the same goal.

Web Seminars: Our online car rental training workshops are a popular option for staff training. Employees can gather in a single location or log on from individual workstations, watching our instructor through a live video and audio feed. During this interactive training session, you and your employees are able to ask questions and get immediate answers and feedback.

Live Instruction: We also can come to you, conducting car rental classes at your facility or another designated location. Our experience has shown that employees often are more engaged with an instructor in the room.

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Front Counter Employee Training

Designed for both new and existing employees, our teaching modules cover essential topics in the car rental industry. Companies can schedule an overview session that touches on all topics or request in-depth training on specific issues. Just let us know what would benefit you the most, and we can customize your lesson to fit your needs.

Some frequent subjects include:

  • Qualifying customers
  • Proper counter procedures
  • Customer service
  • Office protocol and etiquette
  • Meet and greet methods
  • Upselling techniques

Advanced Lessons for Managers

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions’ experts also provide professional certification and more advanced instruction for rental car managers and operators, whether you are just starting a business or want to take your established operation to the next level. We can even teach car dealers how to set up a profitable rental division.

Custom Training for Other Vehicle Rental Businesses

Not in the auto rental industry? We also offer customized training for businesses including RV rental companies, trailer rental agencies (light-duty flatbeds, pull-behinds, etc.) and light-duty truck rental firms.

No matter your individual needs or preferred employee training method, we strive to give you a great return on your investment: a well-trained team that is poised to deliver the best in customer service and operational efficiency.

In addition to car rental training workshops, Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions offers a range of business products and professional services — anything that can help you sell more rental days. See what our clients have to say about us, then call (800) 396-9128 to schedule your next training session.