Car Rental Employee Training

Upgrade your employees, boost your sales.

Equipping Employees Is Key

When Jim Schalberg had his own car rental company, his well-trained employees were crucial to our success. He taught them how to ask the right questions, how to put each customer into the right car, and more. After Jim did this, his business’s rates went up, net profit shot up, and we grew from 5 cars to 135 cars in only two years. Call Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions at (800) 396-9128 to learn more about how our car rental training can prepare your staff for success.

Training Options: Web Seminars & Live Instruction

Off-site professional development often means sending staff to a faraway city and incurring hundreds or thousands of dollars in travel expenses. We offer more convenient, less costly workshop options that achieve the same goal.

Web Seminars: Our online car rental training workshops are a popular option for staff training. Employees can gather in a single location or log on from individual workstations, watching our instruction through a live video and audio feed. During this interactive training session, you and your employees can ask questions and get immediate answers and feedback.

Live Instruction: We also can come to you, conducting car rental classes at your facility or another designated location. Our experience has shown that employees are often more engaged with an instructor in the room.

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Front Counter Employee Training

Designed for both new and existing employees, our teaching modules cover essential topics in the car rental industry. Companies can schedule an overview session that touches on all topics or request in-depth training on specific issues. Just let us know what would benefit you the most, and we can customize your lesson to fit your needs.

Some frequent subjects include:

  • Qualifying customers
  • Proper counter procedures
  • Customer service
  • Office protocol and etiquette
  • Meet and greet methods
  • Upselling techniques

Benefits to upgrading your employees

Increased Knowledge

Your employees will have the industry knowledge they need to excel.

Happy Customers

Your customers will be happier and will come back.

Efficient Service

Your company will run more efficiently.

Higher Revenue

Your revenue will be higher.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced experts

We give you the perks of being part of a franchise without the high cost of franchise fees.


We know our customers by name and love to help.


Our services are tailored to your neighborhood and your personality.


We’re there for you when you need us. When you call us, you’ll get us, not someone in a foreign call center.

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Custom Training for Employees

In addition to car rental training workshops, Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions offers a range of business products and professional services — anything that can help you sell more rental days. See what our clients have to say about us, then contact us at (800) 396-9128 to schedule your next training session.

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Car Rental Employee Training Workshops in the US

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