Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how hard you want to work. To help you streamline your efforts, we offer products, workshops, and services that are chosen to make you efficient and sell as many rental days as possible.

A rental day is every day when a customer rents a car and generates income for your business. Every car is good for 30 days of rental income, every month. You want to maximize that car for as many days a month as you can. We teach you how to get each car rented for as many days as possible.

It is insurance that your rental customer can buy at the rental counter, and you can sign up through us.

RCP gives you the capability to rent to many renters that you are now turning away because they don’t have “full coverage” insurance. Renting more cars means that you will make more profit. RCP protects your loss experience with your primary insurance carrier, which helps keep your insurance down.

There are no signup fees and no minimums. Your renter pays the cost of the insurance. You need to have an internet connection and be willing to spend 20-30 minutes on the phone for the initial training to offer and issue RCP.

Every accident claim MUST HAVE a police report, even when no one is hurt or the mishap is on private property. If the police do not come to the scene, the renter must go to the nearest police station and fill out an incident report.

The closest you will find is Renter’s Personal Protection (RPP) that will pay up to $1000 for ambulance or emergency room charges. Usually, a person’s medical bills are paid by his health insurance. Contact our customer service team for information on offering this product.

We take credit card payment.

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