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69 customer reviews
Average rating:5

Very helpful and knowledgeable company!

Name: Katy M.
Date: 4/21/2021

I received extremely beneficial training from Jim Schalberg Auto Rental about all things related to car rentals.. They even provided us with forms and set us up with the ability to provide full insurance coverage to people renting our vehicles. They …

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Warm feelings from this company!

Name: Sharon C.
Date: 2/18/2021

Great people work at Jim Schalberg Auto Rental. But sometimes, as a customer, I feel like I don’t know what is going on with my policy. It’s a different kind of insurance than what we’re all used to. There isn’t an app or an online help site. There a…

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It's a pleasure doing business with them and it's really easy! experience!

Name: NIck N.
Date: 1/12/2021

They have a pretty simple platform to get people enrolled. Jim Schalberg Auto Rental also has competitive pricing. I do have one feature request. I’d like the ability to pay a year in advance. I understand that they bill monthly because most fleets c…

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So far, so good!

Name: Jason C.
Date: 12/18/2020

We use Jim Schalberg Auto Rental insurance program for our car rental business, mostly daily rentals. We’ve gotten good service from them and I highly recommend them to others in the industry. We’re happy with the service from Jim Schalberg Auto Rent…

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Professional! Efficient! Great experience!

Name: Lauren C.
Date: 11/23/2020

I definitely recommend Jim Schalberg Auto Rental. They were super responsive getting back to me as soon as they knew I was interested in purchasing the coverage. I dealt with Ruby Gray on the phone and she was great. She walked me through the process…

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I really liked the company!

Name: Stephanie T.
Date: 11/9/2020

I used Jim Schalberg Auto Rental when I was in that area and they have good products and good services available! I really liked the company, and I loved what they had available. If I am in that area again, I will definitely be using them! They are f…

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If you want to start an independent car rental place, this is the best place to get training!

Name: Ibukun A.
Date: 5/8/2020

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental really supported me and didn’t give up on me when I was working towards opening my own independent car rental place. It took me almost two years to get insurance but I was able to get it eventually. In terms of support, Jim …

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