Detailed, valuable information!

Name: Darren L

Date: 4/14/2022

My experience with Jim Schalberg Auto Rental has been one hundred percent positive. I’m one hundred percent pleased with the course. I liked everything about their service. They were able to give me very detailed, valuable information that any rental… (Read Full Review)

Great Class

Name: Manoj P

Date: 3/15/2022

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental class was very informative. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of what he is teaching/training. These classes have come in very handy for me and my venture. I would highly recommend them, they are well worth taking. … (Read Full Review)

Excellent Training

Name: Kendrick C

Date: 3/9/2022

I have a new growing auto rental business and Jim Schalberg Auto Rental offered training in the auto rental business aspect. He did a good job of providing relevant information that I could use going forward with my business. Excellent trainer with e… (Read Full Review)

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