Advanced Management Training

Fine-tune the leadership skills of your managers.

Optimize Your Car Rental Management

For operators with some rental car experience, the professionals at Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions can help build upon existing industry knowledge. Our high-level car rental manager training and professional certification will empower you to move your business from where it is to where you want it to be. Contact us today at (800) 396-9128 today to get started.

Advanced Workshop for Managers

Our one-day Rental Car Operator Advanced Management Workshop was designed specifically for experienced managers looking to fine-tune operations and elevate their businesses. Topics included in our car rental manager training programs include the following:

  • Rental car insurance
  • Rental contracts
  • Understanding depreciation
  • Developing after-sale revenue streams
  • Building the right rental car fleet for your neighborhood
  • Advertising/marketing your business
  • The high stakes of rental car employee training
  • Other issues that are specific to YOUR market

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Online Roundtable Discussions on Management

The experts at Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions also facilitate once-a-month online roundtable discussions, open only to managers and owners. During the sessions, auto rental industry professionals talk about the operational issues they are facing —bouncing ideas off peers and gaining insight in the process.

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Benefits to Car Rental Manager Training

  • We train managers the way the company owner wants them trained
  • We offer you advice on process and procedures to be taught to your managers, but if you want something different, we will do it for you
  • Our remote training conveniently allows managers to stay at work and not have to incur travel expenses
  • Gain more insider knowledge of the car rental industry
  • Boost marketing strategies

Why Choose Us?

Experienced experts

We give you the perks of being part of a franchise without the high cost of franchise fees.


We know our customers by name and love to help.


Our services are tailored to your neighborhood and your personality.


We’re there for you when you need us. When you call us, you’ll get us, not someone in a foreign call center.

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Flexible Workshops for Amazing Managers

Staying on the cutting edge of the car rental business gives you an advantage over your competitors — which translates into higher sales, higher profitability, and a greater number of satisfied customers. At Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions, we have drawn on decades of experience to provide an array of workshops, key products, and business services. Call us today at (800) 396-9128 to sign up for car rental manager training.

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Car Rental Management Virtual Workshops in the US

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