When 11:00PM rolls around, do you know where your car is? In case of theft or a missing vehicle, GPS tracking devices enable you to locate and recover your vehicles with live, real-time tracking. Make a commitment to risk mitigation by calling Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions at (800) 396-9128, or click the link below to order your tracking devices now.

Purchase Fleet Tracking Service

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

I once had a customer in California that did not bring a car back, and when I finally reached her, she told me her boyfriend stole it. I finally tracked it down in one of the worst parts of East L.A. Luckily, I had an extra set of keys when I saw the car on the street, so I jumped in and drove off.

Not the smartest thing I ever did, but I got the car back. We all know there is no conversion protection for a renter that doesn’t bring the car back, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t access to the tools.

Affordable Conversion Protection

We can track a car, disable the starter, and call the authorities to recover it for an affordable one-time fee of $149 per car with an $18.00 yearly renewal fee. Finance companies are eager to add it to cap costs, so spread your payments out over 24 months to pay only $6.21 per month per car for the best conversion protection you can get!

The conversion protection tracking service allows you to:

  • Receive alerts to make you aware of events of interest, such as if your rental enters a tow yard
  • View a dashboard that provides real-time graphs and detailed vehicle data
  • Locate and recover your vehicles with live, real-time tracking
  • Determine potential locations for your vehicles with stop verification
  • Shut off the starter

Regain control with accurate measurements of your vehicle activity with conversion protection from Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions. Additionally, we offer products that include Renter’s Collision Protection and Roadside Assistance. Contact us at (800) 396-9128 to get started. We look forward to working with you!