Dealership Profit Centers

Car dealerships that rent vehicles really can make more money.

What Your Dealership Rental Center Needs

At Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions, our experts have developed an auto rental workshop specifically for new- and used-car dealers who want to say “Yes!” to the question “Do you rent cars?” Adding a rental department can expand service center profitability and help dealerships make money from vehicles that are just sitting on the lot, especially during occasional slow business periods. Contact us today at (800) 396-9128 to learn more about how our experts can help you to set up a profitable car rental division.

Training Options: Web Seminars and Live Instruction

In the past, professional development often meant losing worktime for your staff, sending them to a distant site, and incurring hundreds or thousands of dollars in travel expenses. Now, we offer more convenient, less costly workshop options that achieve the same goal.

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Web Seminars

Our online dealer profit center workshops are a popular option for staff training. Employees can gather in a single location or log on from individual workstations, watching our instruction through a live video and audio feed. During this interactive training session, you and your employees can ask questions and get immediate answers and feedback.

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Live Instruction

Our experienced instructors also can come to you, conducting dealership rental classes at your location or one near you. We usually see that employees are more engaged with an instructor in the room.

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Renting cars and selling cars may seem interchangeable, but our team understands the difference. We can guide you through the steps needed to make your dealership’s rental division a successful operation. Even a fleet of 20 rental cars can earn more than $150,000 a year in net profit.

Our one-day auto dealer rental add-on workshop includes these topics:

  • Training counter personnel
  • Understanding rental contracts
  • Loss prevention/insurance
  • Setting rental rates
  • Rental software
  • Rental contracts
  • Covering depreciation until vehicles can be sold
  • Car rental websites (yes, you need a website dedicated to your rental business)
  • Any other topic specific to YOUR business

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Serving Customers & the Bottom Line

Dealers are concerned about maintaining a high customer service rating and being a profitable business. A rental department can contribute to both these goals. Our own Jim Schalberg knows from experience that car dealerships that do rentals can make money. In the trade publication Agent Entrepreneur, he examined dealerships that successfully expanded their businesses in this way. He found that rental departments were a viable option for the following reasons.

  • They supplemented the vehicle inventory
  • They added service-lane business
  • They eliminated the hassle of partnering with a rental agency

Benefits to Our Workshop

Increase Revenue

Increase the dealership’s revenue.

Sell More Rental Cars

Your used car manager will be able to sell rental cars for more money.

Happy Customers

Customers will be happy.

Confident Employees

Rental industry know-how will give your employees confidence.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced experts

We give you the perks of being part of a franchise without the high cost of franchise fees.


We know our customers by name and love to help.


Our services are tailored to your neighborhood and your personality.


We’re there for you when you need us. When you call us, you’ll get us, not someone in a foreign call center.

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Helping You Make Auto Rental Profits

As with any new enterprise, proper planning is key to adding a profitable rental department to an existing dealership or service center. Our team at Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions can help you choose the right business products and professional services for your company. Rest assured, our customized workshops cover everything from starting a business and training employees to advanced management tools and professional certification. Call us today at (800) 396-9128 to get started.

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Car Dealership Profit Center Workshops in the US

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