At Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions, our experts have developed an auto rental workshop specifically for new- and used-car dealers who want to say “Yes!” to the question “Do You Rent Cars?” Adding a rental department can expand service center profitability and help dealerships make money from vehicles that are just sitting on the lot, especially during occasional slow business periods. Contact us today at (800) 396-9128 to learn more about how our experts can help you to set up a profitable car rental division.

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Renting cars and selling cars may seem interchangeable, but our team understands the difference. We can guide you through the steps needed to make your dealership’s rental division a successful operation.

Our one-day auto dealer rental add-on workshop includes these topics:

Serving Customers and the Bottom Line

Dealers are concerned about maintaining a high customer service rating and being a profitable business. A rental department can contribute to both of these goals. Our own Jim Schalberg knows from experience that adding rental car services can help a dealership make money. In the trade publication Agent Entrepreneur, Jim examined three dealerships that successfully expanded their businesses in this way. He found that rental departments were a viable option because of the following reasons.

  • They supplemented the vehicle inventory.
  • They added service-lane business.
  • They eliminated the hassle of partnering with a rental agency.
Jim Schalberg

Rental Departments Are Profit Centers Too

In your continuing effort to bring products and services to your dealers, have you thought about suggesting they add a rental car department? Dealers are concerned about maintining a high CSI and they are always looking to provide profits to the bottom line. A rental department can do both. Read More…

Prepare for Auto Rental Profits

As with any new enterprise, proper planning is key to adding a profitable rental department to an existing dealership or service center. Our team at Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions can help you choose the right business products and professional services for your company. Rest assured, our customized workshops cover everything from starting a business and training employees to advanced management tools and professional certification. Call us today at (800) 396-9128 to get started.