How many times have you lost a customer or turned one down because the person did not carry rental car insurance? Or perhaps the client’s insurance company refused to extend existing coverage to a rental vehicle. In either case, you have been losing valuable business by not offering car rental insurance. Call Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions at (800) 396-9128, or click on the links below to change that today.

Purchase Renter’s Collision Protection

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Solve the ‘No Collision Coverage’ Issue

Available nationwide, our Renter’s Collision Protection covers all passenger vehicles including 15-passenger vans, as well as cargo vans and pickup trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 10,000 pounds. Sorry, we’re still working on getting coverage for exotic cars. Check back for information as it becomes available.

Our protection plan keeps things simple for operators by allowing customers to buy rental car insurance directly from the provider. Claims are usually paid within two weeks. Renter’s protection also can help your business in the following situations — and others — where insurance has been difficult to obtain:

  • Customers who just need a rental car for the day to go shopping.
  • Customers with a vehicle in the shop who need wheels to get around, whether it’s a self-pay rental or an insurance replacement.
  • Foreign nationals: With Renter’s Collision Protection, qualified drivers from anywhere in the world can still be insured.

Upgrade to the Latest Version

If you’ve already been selling car rental insurance and want to upgrade to the latest version, just give us a call at (800) 396-9128. It only takes a few minutes to upgrade, and we’ll have you ready to sell to your next customer in less than 30 minutes.

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions is committed to helping you sell those all-important, extra rental days. To that end, our team of industry experts provides a range of products — including renter’s theft protection, roadside assistance — along with workshops and services for clients across the country. Contact us at (800) 396-9128 to get started. We look forward to providing you with car rental insurance services and more.