Jim Schalberg

Director of Sales and TrainingEmail Jim

Jim got his feet wet in the auto business by selling cars. He made the transition into rentals when he purchased his first Rent-A-Wreck franchisee. Starting with 5 cars, he built the business to 135 cars and three locations. Over the following years, he was elected to the Rent-A-Wreck Franchisee Advisory Board, eventually being appointed Advisory Board President.

It was this growth that prompted a USA Today Business section front page feature of Jim as the franchise systems Operator of the Year for the “fastest growing car franchise in the nation.’ During a stint as Rent-A-Wreck’s national sales manager, Jim realized he was spending most of his time helping the franchisees grow their businesses. Word spread outside the franchise of Jim’s acumen in the rental industry. Independent rental car businesses were contacting him asking for help to grow their start-ups and existing businesses. He realized there was a deep need for this kind of service .He became a full time consultant to the rental car industry and started Auto Rental Solutions.

Auto Rental Solutions is a unique place that combined Jim’s rental operation knowledge and expertise—that helps operators “Sell More Rental Days”– with many products, training and services rental operators cannot get from franchises or other sources.

As the rental industry’s top expert, Jim’s consulting, and his Auto Rental Solutions, has become well known for nurturing the development of many —from scratch—rental operations.

With Auto Rental Solutions, Jim is continuously building his menu of proprietary rental business growth products such as Renter’s Collision Protection, rental software, training programs, and rental operation turnkey packages.

Today, Auto Rental Solutions supports over 500 rental car locations in the U.S. with everyday rental car business issues. Plus, these rental operations are enjoying business success from utilizing his recommended products and services.

David Wells

Sales and Training AssociateEmail David

David has worked with many well-known international car rental operations, ending his career (after retiring and coming back three times) as a corporate vice president in both direct car rental and franchise.

Though he retired from the upper management end of the rental car business, he started in the business like many folk, as a rental agent. He liked the business so much he made it a priority to learn all he could.

He moved up the ranks to become a general manager, overseeing 2000 vehicles in four locations. Eventually, he got tapped to become a regional vice president.

David may have retired from the rental car business three times, but he could not stay away long. He has joined the Auto Rental Services team as a trainer. David does find time to get away every week when he takes his classic Mercedes out on the town.

Ruby Gray

Customer Service AssociateEmail Ruby

Ruby is one of our Customer Service reps. She brought polished telephone skills and good customer service with her when she joined Auto Rental Solutions. She believes a great day is when every customer who calls in with a problem gets that problem solved quickly, and efficiently.