Car Rental Business Solutions

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions provides a variety of products and services related to the car rental market. Whether you are new to the auto rental industry or a veteran owner of an auto rental agency, we can provide you with the car rental expertise you need.

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions offers many different car rental training services because we understand the importance of having a professionally trained staff. Many car rental managers are too busy to provide the car rental training their employees need. Our car rental training professionals can come to your business and train your employees. We will provide your staff with the knowledge and skills required to successfully work in the car rental market.

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions also provides car rental training online. Experts in the car rental business will inform your staff about the car rental industry in a live video and audio feed online. Your employees can even ask our experts questions and receive immediate feedback.

Car Rental Training

Our car rental business experts understand employees require specific skill sets for different positions. We offer car rental training in groups and individually to better suit the needs of your car rental business. Our professional conference meetings showcase a variety of skillsets, such as managing rental days, front desk best practices, and other customer service oriented skills.

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions’ private coaching services also focus on customer service. Our private coaching services are also tailored specifically to that employee’s job requirements. Whether you need training for a new car rental manager or a front desk employee, our car rental training service will provide your employees with the knowledge they need to successfully do their job.

Car Rental Products

Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions supplies a variety of products every car rental business needs to operate successfully. We offer car rental websites, renter's identification check services, roadside assistance, and car rental business insurance. Our car rental websites are professionally designed with a focus on search engine optimization. Once your optimized website brings in the customers, enjoy the convenience of using driver’s license check software to easily spot invalid licenses. Our car rental business insurance includes Renter’s Collision Protection Insurance and Personal Accident and Effect Insurance. This protects your car rental business and car rental customers in the event of an accident.

Contact Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Solutions for car rental training, car rental products, or information about starting a car rental business. While our company is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, we work with car rental companies from around the country. Call us at (800) 396-9128 for more information about our car rental services.