Could what you don’t know stall your business?

The rental business has so many unknowns; where do I begin? Is this renter an honest customer? Is he going to stay locally, or is he going on a 2000-mile weekend trip? Will this renter be driving my car, or will he give it to his 17-year-old daughter to take to her prom? We deal with issues like this every day, and by and large, we handle and qualify our customers as best we can, and frankly, as a whole, we do ok.

What you don’t know: Your customer just handed you a driver’s license. Is it real? Today bogus driver’s licenses can be made to be so authentic that even when a police officer swipes the card through their system, it will come back as accurate. Heck, today you can go on the internet and buy a machine to make one for yourself to show that you are ten years younger.

Fraudulent Identification: Today’s rental car operators are driven to provide faster and cleaner transactions. Some operators are going to paperless transactions and online signatures. The days of that “Gut “ feeling are falling away and getting put on the shelf next to the typewriter. To prevent a fraudulent rental application, the operator today needs to be able to verify the identification presented by a potential customer. You need to be prepared for that, and you need to do it fast.

Social Security Numbers: When I joined the business, we never rented a car without an SSN. Driver’s license numbers were Social Security Numbers, and my Blue Cross and Blue Shield policy was my Social Security Number. When I went into the Army, Uncle Sam changed to Social Security Numbers for our Military ID. So, the Driver’s License could be fake, today an online signature could be affected, and we are all afraid to ask for Social Security Numbers. What can you do? You ask questions, and that is what you do. What do you ask or say? We have upgraded the Renter’s Electronic Qualification to the new Renter’s Identification Check. The Renter’s Identification Check will verify the customer’s identification to be sure it is legitimate. It will even give you three random questions and the correct answer that the actual owner of the I.D. can only answer handed you. You are utilizing the technology afforded us by a group of seasoned technology and business entrepreneurs with over 58 years of fraud prevention experience. You must input the name, address, D.O.B., and Driver’s License Number into our simple, proprietary application. In 3 or 4 seconds, you will be verified whether the I.D. is valid. With Renter’s Identification Check, rental car agents can determine whether the people they are talking to or transacting with are who they say they are. Renter’s Identification Check combines specific products focused on preventing fraud for rental car operations.

Auto Rental Solutions believes that by knowing more about their customers, employees, and partners, rental car companies can significantly impact the incidence of identity fraud and increase their loss prevention index. Renter’s Identification Check combines simplicity, flexibility, and value to empower rental car locations of all sizes to incorporate identity fraud prevention into their operations. For more information, call me or any one of my staff @ (800) 396-9128.