Tracking Devices

Listen Up!

Tracking devices:

I had a customer in California that did not bring the car back. When I finally got hold of her, she told me her boyfriend had stolen the car. I finally tracked it down in probably the worst part of East L.A. there was. I had an extra set of keys, saw the car on the street, jumped in it, and took off! It was not the smartest thing I ever did, but I got the car back.

We all know there is no insurance coverage (conversion coverage) for a renter that does not bring the car back. But that does not mean that we do not have the tools. Today we can track and disable the starter, then call the authorities and meet them to recover your car for a $179.00 per car one-time fee with three years of unlimited airtime. Yes, it is legal. It is your property, and if the renter has broken the contract, you have every right to get it. I have spoken to several finance companies, and they would be thrilled to add it to the cap cost on the next car you finance with them.

When I started my first rental car company, I could buy a two-year-old 50,000-mile car at the auction for $5,500. I did not think that a device like this was worth the money. Today, that same car is $18,000. Now it makes sense to protect it with a tracking device. Spread it out over 36 months, and you are paying $4.97 per month per car for the best conversion protection you can get. You know you need them, so why wait?

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By the way, when 11:00 rolls around, do you know where your cars are?