International Car Rental Show, CIRAS and You

April-2015-the-Rental-Desk-e1430145149347You are already attending the International Car Rental Show, April 12-14, 2015 Start your Car Rental Show Experience with the VERY FIRST SESSION, CIRAS “Profit Builders” at 3PM..

Why should I do this, you may ask?

You are a seasoned rental car professional. A CIRAS certificate shows you have more expertise, knowledge and experience as a rental car professional than those just starting out in the business. Certification builds upon your essential rental car skills, and after course completion, you will have an enhanced level of skill and expertise as a rental car professional.

What do I gain once I have this certification?

Reduced Insurance rates for car rental protection are often one of these benefits – be sure to include a copy of your CIRAS certificate when applying.

Need a loan?

Lenders may consider you to be a better risk when you indicate you have completed CIRAS certification as it shows you having an enhanced level of skill and expertise. The business owner who has put in the time to build-up, and successfully operate, a business.

As a manager, having a CIRAS certification indicates you are more than just a reservation taker and that you could be the responsible employee a rental car operation is looking for.

CIRAS Training Special Show Pricing! $199 pp (after the show: $386)

Register here for the Car Rental Show.

Look for CIRAS PROFIT BUILDERS under Additional Courses.

Looking forward to seeing you April 12, 3:00 PM at Bally’s, Las Vegas Still not sure? Call Jim (800) 396-9128 to learn now CIRAS is perfect for YOU!