For your rent a car business, your neighborhood is larger than you may think.

Meeting neighbors is good business
Meeting Your Business Neighbors is Good Business

Have you met your neighbors? If you are running an independent rental car business, it’s important to know your sphere of influence.

Meaning: get to know your neighbors.

Sure, you may be the only person at the counter most days and maybe the only person at all but to grow your business and build on your current successes, you need to get out the door and drop in on your neighbors.
Not only is it, well, neighborly, it will help establish your business as the first to call when a rental vehicle is needed.

There was a news story. It talked about one of the big car rental companies (you know these guys their names begin with A, B, E, H) as a part of this company’s long range growth plan, it wants to partner with insurance companies to get a part of the large insurance replacement market.

They will do this by building locations next to insurance agencies, auto shops, hotels and…. Could this be in your neighborhood? If so, could this impact your current rent a car business plan?

Business cards are inexpensive. Get some. Make time to meet your neighbors 10 minutes in each direction (by car) of your business. Just go in, introduce yourself and your business and hand them a card.

If you want to sweeten the deal give a candy bar or cup of mints along with your card. When it comes time for them to rent a vehicle, they will remember you as “that rent a car place down the street” with the sweet deal.

Do this before “the new guy” moves in.

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