Rental Car Business in Neutral or DriveYou are in the rental car business. Auto Rental Solutions is all about rental car businesses. So, we challenge you: When you look at your business ask yourself: “When it comes to my business am I in Neutral or Drive?

First a little history….
Walter L. Jacobs, at the age of 22, opened a car-rental operation in Chicago. Starting with a dozen Fords, which he repaired and repainted by himself, Jacobs expanded his operation to the point where, within five years, the business generated annual revenues of about $1 million. So, he started his business with 12 used cars…..he fixed them up and in 5 years built it in to a company that generated a million dollars annually.

Sounds like an enterprising young man…..especially in the current business climate. Here is an interesting thing about Walter: he did all this September 1918, almost 100 years ago….. At the age of 27 he sold his company to John Hertz, then President of Yellow Cab, and the rest is…..

Pop Quiz: What is the name of a rental car company that started with just a few cars, and is now the largest “privately” held car rental company in America?

We are often asked, “Is there any money to be made in this business?” Well, the answer is yes. There are still cars being rented, there are still customers calling…so there is a need. A good business head will find the need and then fill it. That is what Walter did.

Are you up to the challenge to do the same?

Here at Auto Rental Solutions, we get calls every day from folk who want to add a rental department to their car lot or repair shop.

Of course, they know everything there is to know about car rental. They decline any support or training…”I just need insurance! I know how to rent cars.” And what we find is, after 6 months they are out of business, losing thousands of dollars. Their comment is, “You cannot make any money in rentals.”

Then there are the operators that made it past their first year. They build the business up to 20 cars, but then stay there, struggling, for the next 10 years.

They are stuck here because they continue to do the same thing every month and never grow. They never go to industry meetings, nor take any classes, or read any literature designed to help them make their business stronger.

They are simply…. sitting…. still. Not making money….

Then there are the rental car operators who start their business after taking rudimentary training classes.They attend every meeting offered by their insurance company, subscribe to industry news sources like Auto Rental News, and their associations.

They not only attend continuing training classes, but they take that knowledge back to their employees.They set up their own “in house training” to build their business.

They even do silly things like interacting with their community, make their own sales calls and find new avenues of income.

They are the ones that are growing…. and making money.

So the question remains for you to answer…

Are YOU in Neutral? Are You Driving Ahead?

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